The Shirts are In

9 01 2009

cimg23251 To get your FCC Youth Ministry t-shirt either ask Wes for one at youthgroup or Sunday School OR come by the office during the week Tuesday-Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm. They will go for $10 for students and $15 for adults after after the students have had a chance to get theirs. In a couple of weeks Wes may hold a table outside of church for sales, depending on how many are still available after sales to students.

What’s the shirt mean? Why Revelation 22:3? Well, it has to do with what we have been discussing in Youth Group on Sundays. Our theme is “Reverse the Curse” as it says on the front. The curse refers specifically to Genesis 3:14-19 and generally to the pattern of violence and oppression which we can see throughout history, around us, and even within us. But this curse has not always been here… in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and he saw that all he had made was very good. At this point in the story there is no curse, it’s just good. But in Genesis 3 a curse enters the story. Triggered by sin, the curse invades the whole world bringing with it murder, distrust, envy, separation, and utter chaos. Eventually all of this should have lead to the destruction, the de-creation of all that God had made. But God disrupted the pattern and he reversed the curse through a promise he made starting in Genesis 12 (continuing even in Jesus), a promise of blessing. Throughout the rest of the story God is making all things new, he his disrupting the pattern and reversing the curse. He has called us to join with him in this work of restoration and live in such a way that we are not caught up in the curse but caught up in God’s salvation. In Jesus, God becomes the perfect example of this and the only incarnation of the sort of salvation God is bringing. He has called us to live by that example and to become more like him. We are called to reverse the curse by becoming beacons of hope to the hopeless, of help to the helpless, of peace in a violent world, and of celebration in a world that often gives reason to anguish. We are partnering with God in bringing heaven here, in reversing the curse, in living in the reality of the Kingdom of God, and in celebrating the reality of the salvation we have in Jesus Christ.

That’s at least a summary of what the shirts are all about…




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