Ski-Trip Update

27 01 2009

ski-trip-78On Thursday, Jan. 22, we hijacked the students from the RHS parking lot and headed straight up to Big Bear for our annual ski-trip. School held a “half-day” so we were able to leave just after noon. We made great time and after stopping for lunch and picking up the keys for the condo we still made  it to the condo in time to get our ski/snowboard rentals, cook and eat dinner, and go bowling before it go too terribly late. Bowling was a blast! And we only had to wait 45 minutes to get our lanes.The next day, Friday, was finally the day to ski. We had breakfast at 7am and then a few of us went up to the slopes to retrieve our lift tickets. By the time we got geared up and got the lift tickets handed out we were still among the first people of the day to hit the slopes. We had skiers of all levels in out group; from those who were extremely confident to those who were less confident, and for the most part everyone always had someone to ski with. The conditions on Friday were less than desirable; they were wet and they were cold. According to one adult volunteer, there were times when you couldn’t see but 20 feet in front of you. Those conditions didn’t stop our group from having a good time.

Friday night was our devotional. We read Colossians 2:6-15 and we discussed what it means to be “in Christ” and to find our identity in Christ. We also talked about what the difference might be between “receiving Christ” and being “in Christ.” In those two terms lies a challenge to all of us, at whatever point we are on our faith journey. I challenged the students to take time over the next couple of days to be truly honest with themselves about where they are on their individual journeys. Have we truly “received Christ” and made that commitment to following Jesus? Or if they have done that, are we continuing to live “in Christ” finding their identity in Jesus’ story?

After devotionals we simply had fee time until bedtime. It was a great time of fellowship and bonding for many of the students. We also took that time to pack up so that we could be checked out of the condo and onto the slopes as early as possible.

On Saturday our willingness to persevere the harsh conditions was paid off. The weather was gorgeous and, though it was a bit icy in the morning, by the afternoon the conditions were just great. We met at the tailgate of Mr. Andrews truck for lunch and skied until 2pm. We returned our rentals and returned home… but not before stopping for dinner at Farmer Boys.

Overall the 2009 ski-trip was a great time for our group!




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