Super Bowl of Caring Update

3 02 2009

souperbowllogohires_99No matter who you were rooting for in the Super Bowl later that day, we were all rooting for the same team in the Super Bowl of Caring on Sunday morning.The Junior High Youth met in the kitchen at 9:45am and each got a pot or bowl in which to collect donations. After first service got out, there we were, waiting on the patio with our bowls for people to drop their 1’s, 5’s, 20’s, etc. During second service we gathered together in the Youth Building and had a discussion about why we help people and why we do things like the Super Bowl of Caring. We then went out to catch the folks coming out of second service and to collect their donations.

Our church family was very generous, giving over $500 total ($572 to be exact) to the cause of feeding the hungry. Right after we were done collecting donations we gathered into two groups, split the money, and went straight to Albertson’s Grocery Store to transform that cash into canned foods and non-perishables. With the $572 we collected we bought 491 individual items to be delivered to the Ramona Food & Clothes Closet who in turn will distribute the food to those who are in need around the community of Ramona.

The Super Bowl of Caring was a worth-while event not just for those on the receiving end of this ministry but also for our Junior High Youth. Together we were able to help make a difference for many people in our community and from that were learned that loving others and loving God go hand-in-hand.




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