The Clothes Walk (March 7th)

27 02 2009

feet_on_walk_iconThis is not a clothes drive, it’s a clothes walk!

This is an all youth event (Junior High and Senior High). Students will go through their closets (maybe even their parents’ closets) and bag up any clothes that maybe don’t fit them anymore or that they just don’t want to keep anymore, all in decent condition, along with at least one of their favorite shirts or pairs of pants. Yep, you read that right… we don’t just give the stuff we don’t want anymore but we also give something we like, because the best thing to do with the best stuff is give it away or share it, and when you give to the poor you’re giving to Jesus (Matthew 25). We’ll meet at the church at 11am with all our bags and then we’ll walk together, as a sign of solidarity with those to whom we’re giving, to the Ramona Food and Clothes Closet to donate all of it. From there we’ll walk back to the church for lunch. (adults/parents willing to chaperone or make lunch are needed!)

Students are welcome to join us for the walk even if they don’t have clothes to donate.




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