Planet Wisdom ’09 Update

23 03 2009

On Saturday night we returned home from our trip to Santa Ana for the Planet Wisdom Student Conference. All of us who went had a great time!

On Friday afternoon we met in the Ramona High School staff parking lot, loaded up our gear, and went straight to Grace Community Church to meet up with their group who was also going to the Conference. After stopping for gas and some snacks we headed off 88 miles to Calvary Church in Santa Ana. hundreds, if not thousands, of students gathered in the sanctuary. The conference started at 7:30pm with a concert/worship-service with the band Dutton. Dutton was the worship band all weekend and they did an awesome job, not only in their musical/performing abilities, but also in their ability to invite and draw the students into worship. Periodically the Skit Guys would come out on stage. One student suggested that they were funny enough to be on Comedy Central but they were also clean and talked about Jesus. They were hilarious. And then Mark Matlock spoke. The theme of the conference was all about “a hero’s journey” and how, in God’s story, we can all be extraordinary heroes by God’s definition. Mark talked in a way that kept our attention and excited us and opened us up to God’s calling in our lives to do incredible things for the kingdom of God. The whole production was just awesome and pretty much flawless. The students all gave good reviews and we’ve decided that Planet Wisdom will now be one of  the major youth events we’ll be doing annually in the future.




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