Forest Home: August 9-15, 2009

12 05 2009

We’ve got some great stuff coming up this summer including Beach Barbeque days, Movie nights, and Summer Camp…

For Summer Camp the Junior High will be encouraged to sign up and attend camp at Pilgrim Pines and the Senior High (including incoming Freshmen) are going to Forest Home together on August 9th15th. We’ll be doing some fund-raising in June and July, including a church golf tournament on July 11th (mark your calendar) to lower the cost so that students will not have to pay more than $100 each. Summer camp is one of the greatest youth group experiences and it is one of the most important too. I know lots of students probably need to get summer jobs and to make some money but they’ll have work and jobs for the rest of their lives while they won’t be able to go to summer camp forever. At summer camp they’ll have an unforgettable spiritual experience which they’ll never forget. And they only have now to do it! Please encourage your kids to sign up for summer camp this summer and take this chance to experience something incredible.

For more information on Forest Home camp check out their website at

Forest Home Lakeview Summer Camp

Forest Home’s Senior High Camps are designed purposefully to promote student engagement. We emphasize that it is our students’ questions, open discussion, transparent feedback, and active participation in worship that make the camp experience so powerful. At camp, as in life, we are not observers, but rather participants in what God is doing. When you come to summer camp at Mill Creek Canyon, you can expect all the wild, wacky, weird, fun, and memorable stuff (as shown), but more importantly, you will have the chance to be forever changed by responding to God, and the deep love He has for you. See you this summer.

The Christian life can be breathtaking. We are invited into a real, living relationship with a real, living God, and when we begin to follow after Jesus we often find ourselves on a ride that pushes us to our limits. When we become Christians, we start over in many ways. We re-learn what it means to live life to the full, how to see the world and people around us, and who we are. Christians are students—learning from Jesus how to live, how to relate to God and others, and how to join in building God’s kingdom here on earth. This summer—join us for Lakeview U: a week of fun and push-you-to-your-limits experiences that will change the way you understand what it means to be a Christian.

“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.” – James 1:22




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