Why are we going to Forest Home for Summer Camp?

26 05 2009

Summer Camp is going to be one of FCC Youth Ministry’s most life changing events for our students. It will be a week of flat-out fun, deep spiritual growth, passionate worship, and intense community building, all of which are pillars of our youth ministry approach. Summer Camp is an opportunity for students to get away from home, away from their influences at home and at school and to truly examine their faith and to make it their own. Besides being just an incredibly fun time, as it will be with the Mud-Bowl and the Blob on the lake, it will be a time for our group to grow closer together which will invigorate our ministry when they come home.

Here are five things Forest Home will do for us that will be new for our Youth Ministry’s Summer Camp Experience:

  • We’ll grow together—Since Forest Home is a group camp, meaning every student in our group will go at the same time; students will come home having shared together in their Summer Camp experience. They will be sent home recharged as a whole group rather than just as individuals, ready to own the youth ministry and ready to really commit together to their faith in Jesus. Since they’ll be on the same page, they’ll be able to encourage one another and perhaps stay encouraged year ‘round. This doesn’t happen when you go to camp by yourself or with only a small percentage of your group because however excited you may be, you don’t have anyone to share it with and it’s easy to go back to the way things were before camp and to the same level of faith commitment.
  • We’ll be Challenged Spiritually—unlike many other camps, Forest Home is all about spiritual growth and challenging kids to make real thoughtful commitments to their faith. It’s not just a camp with devotionals, it’s a whole spiritual experience with everything geared towards challenging students not to just go with the flow but to own their faith and think through it. It isn’t done in a hokey fashion; rather, it meets kids where they are, engages them in their own language, and in ways that interest them and truly excite them. They’ll grow spiritually and learn to passionately worship God with their lives.
  • We’ll Receive Solid Teaching—We won’t leave Camp without really learning something new. Sometimes Camp is just a good relaxing time of fun with devotionals but Forest Home actually aims to offer new ideas and to excite students with new perspectives that will broaden and deepen their faith. The leaders at Forest Home are educated and committed to following Jesus.
  • Discipleship—If you go to camp alone or just with your friends you often end up sorting through your experience alone and without anyone who can really push you, challenge you, and help carry you through your faith journey. At Forest Home, they’re not just about offering a cool message but they’re about giving opportunity for Youth Leaders to work with their students and to disciple them directly.  Students can sort through their faith journey directly with their leaders who care about them and are ready to challenge them and help them walk their faith journey.
  • Fun—finally… it’s just more fun! With their large campus (which features a Lake with a “Blob,” a zip-line, and an awesome pool), exciting games, and truly inspired leadership, Forest Home will be the time of our kid’s lives. Just ask them when they come home.
  • There are plenty of other reasons to invest in our kids by sending them to Forest Home. And funding should not be a problem as fund-raising should cover a large majority of the camp cost. After they experience first year, students will be begging to do fund-raising for next years’ camp.

    Please check out www.foresthome.org for more information on camp. This year we are going together as a group from August 9th-15th.




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