July 18th- Parking Lot Sale

10 06 2009

rummage_saleOn July 18th, 2009 the youth of our church will get together to organize a Parking Lot Sale in the Church parking lot to raise funds for Summer Camp and other Summer programs for the youth including beach days, pool parties, movie nights, and more. In order for us to do this, we need you! We need your junk! If you have some old shirts, an old computer, a bicycle, a bobble-head doll, some furniture, some children’s books, or anything else you might think someone would buy in a rummage sale, please donate them to us prior to July 18th.  Please bring donations to First Congregational Church office (preferrably Wes’ office) during the week or on Sunday morning. And on July 18th, we need you again! Please come shopping. Even if you donated, perhapps there’s something there you’d be interested in. You are also welcome just to come by and donate money (checks payable to FCC Youth). Anything that goes unsold will be donated to the Ramona Food & Clothes Closet… so everybody wins.




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