Parking Lot Sale Update

21 07 2009

Thanks to all those who donated to and shopped at our Youth Parking Lot Sale, it went extremely well! We were aiming for a profit of about $700, we were hoping for about $1,000, and we made $1,186! It was great.

thank-youOn Friday evening (July 17th) the youth got together with some helpers from the Christian Education Board (Lisa Abbott and Vicky Timmerman, thank you!) to sort, organize, and display all the items for the sale in the yard of our church. We worked almost non-stop (besides our short dinner break) to get everything out of the youth building and into the yard. That night we slept (or tried to sleep) in the Youth Building in order to keep an eye on all of our stuff over night. We got up bright and early at 6:00am and welcomed shoppers shortly thereafter. It was no time before we had mobs of people taking advantage of the bargain prices. Families of people from our community were loading their arms, their boxes, their cars, and their trucks with all the great stuff that the people of our church donated for the sale. In over 100 degree heat, students worked in every capacity including pricing, money handling, helping people load their cars, and holding signs on the street to advertise. The kids all worked really hard and earned every penny of that $1186.

Thank you so very much for all your donations. Special thanks to Vicky Timmerman for her great help in organizing. Also, special thanks to Ray Hayes, Dolores Mortier, Teresa and Beth Shea, and Lisa Abbott for helping us so very much.




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