Back From Forest Home

19 08 2009

Group1We got back from Forest Home Senior High Summer Camp (LakeView) on August 15th after spending a week there. Ten of our students went and all ten had an incredible experience. Not only did they have a blast on the Blob in the lake, get muddy in the mud bowl, get crafty in the craft cabin, and zip on the zip line, but they also had an incredible worship and learning experience. The worship, led by the incredibly talented William (Billy) Kappen, was not only beautiful but it was incredibly deep as well. Students were drawn in together in a safe place away from the judgments and pressures of their peers from school to worship God freely and authentically. Michael Field, the director of Lakview, was the speaker. Not only was Michael inspirational and deep in understanding as well as knowledge, he also had the uncanny ability to make the gospel, in all it’s complexity and depth, accessible to the students and applicable to their lives. Many students who went to camp this year have come home changed for the better and I think just about every student has great stories to tell.

Having experienced camp together as a group has bonded our group together in a unique way and has given us renewed energy to pursue God’s kingdom together and this momentum will help carry us on through the year as we seek daily to follow Jesus Christ. Camp will be one of the most important events on the high school calendar and is one of the most memorable and fun things a high schooler can do.




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