Crop Hunger Walk 2009

6 10 2009

croplogo300One of our favorite service projects, the Crop Walk, is coming up on Oct 25th. According to the Church World Service website, Crop Walk is “Neighbors walking together to take a stand against hunger in our world. Together we raise awareness and funds for international relief and development, as well as local hunger-fighting.” And that’s an accurate description of what we will be doing.

Our church, along with some other churches in town, will be raising money and walking together to fight world hunger. We have about a billion hungry neighbors in the world, about 1.2 billion (one out of every six people in the world) to be a little more exact, are living off of less than $1 per day which is $365 per year if you add it up, which is less than a car payment for many of us, to be spent on food as well as other necessities. Another 1.6 billion people are trying to live off of $2 per day which, once again, just isn’t enough. Thirty thousand children die every day of hunger and preventable diseases. The statistics go on and on and the brain damage and disease, not to mention the death, which comes from this kind of famine is overwhelming to think about… much too overwhelming for one person to try to deal with. But the liberating beauty of God’s Kingdom is that it’s like a mustard seed, it starts small but it turns out big. We have the freedom to start small, and the Crop Walk is one small step toward a solution to these terrible problems in the world.

Part of being a Christian is seeing and responding to the need in the world. Jesus wouldn’t shield his eyes from world hunger, he’d do something about it and he is doing something about it through people like us, people willing to start small and to act out of compassion. Join us in acting out of compassion and walk with us on the Crop Walk.

Prior to the event we’ll be collecting funds for the event (get your collection packet from Wes or from the church office) and then on the 25th of October we’ll meet at the church yard at 12:30pm to begin the walk. We’ll walk about 3miles (which is far less than it sounds) and then we’ll celebrate with a barbeque at the church. Youth are encouraged to walk with family or to walk together.




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