Ski Trip 2010 Update

2 02 2010

This years’ Ski Trip was a blast and everyone came home safe and sound. We were  bit nervous, in the preceding weeks as the storms rolled in and roads to Big Bear were opening and closing, that we might have some weather trouble. But, nevertheless, we gathered our things with our tire chains ready and headed up to Big Bear on Thursday as scheduled. It turned out to be one of the best weekends of the year in terms of weather. On Friday the sun peeked out by the afternoon, on Saturday it was mostly sunny all day, and there was a ton of snow from the storms that came through the previous weekend. Naturally, the crowds rolled in on Saturday and made the mountain quite crowded but fun nonetheless.

We arrived in Big Bear on Thursday evening with enough time to check in to the rental Condos (located right near the slopes on Summit Blvd.), pick up ski and snowboard rentals from Leroy’s (who treated us VERY well!) at the corner of Big Bear Blvd. and Summit Blvd., eat dinner, and also go bowling. We bowled at the Bowling Barn until about 10pm and then went straight to bed (that’s an exaggeration) to rest up for a day filled with fun. Friday we started skiing at about 8:30am and finished at about 5pm.

Our devotional on Friday night was about the meaning of the resurrection. We talked and traded questions about 1 Corinthians chapter 15 where Paul refers to Jesus as the “first fruits” of the resurrection, implying that there is more to come and that we will somehow participate in this resurrection, which at least means that we don’t have to fear the power of sin and death and that sin and death don’t have to stop us from living the kind of lives God calls us to live. The resurrection is our empowerment toward responsibility, not an escape from it. The students engaged very well in the discussion, bringing up new topics and big questions. It is fun to watch how our students are growing and maturing in their faith.

Saturday was also filled with skiing until around 3:30 when we, all quite tired from all the fun, finally took off to return home from our amazing weekend. We stopped at Farmer Boys for dinner and ended up back at the church at around 8:45pm.

To sum up the weekend, everyone had a great and a safe time. It was a wonderful weekend of fun, fellowship and learning. We want to thank everyone who helped us raise funds for this event and everyone who helped or supported us in any way, especially those who prayed for us while we were gone. Thank You!

See pictures from our trip at




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