Jr. High Boomers Update

8 03 2010

On Saturday, March 6th, the Junior High Youth went for a day of fun and fellowship at Boomers in El Cajon. We met at the church kitchen at 1pm and headed down the hill for El Cajon. Now, if you remember that day, it wasn’t the sunniest day we’ve ever had in San Diego. We knew that there was a good chance that rain was waiting for us down in El Cajon, especially since the rain had already been threatening Ramona. So our plan was to see how the weather was and if it was bad we were going to go to the mall and see a movie.

When we arrived in El Cajon it was overcast but there wasn’t any rain. So we went to Boomers and had a blast… for a while… at about 4pm the rain came and we were getting soaked. So we decided to pack up and head to the mall after all. We got movie tickets and saw Alice in Wonderland which turned out to be a great movie. By the time the movie was over it was time to head for In-N-Out and then back home t the church. We arrived back at the church at about 8:45pm.

Though the rain altered our plans, we had a great time, perhaps an even better time than we may have had without the rain. It was a day filled with good fellowship and even better conversations.




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