Forest Home Fund-Raising

19 04 2010

We’re gearing up for summer camp! Can’t wait!!!

But gearing up means fund-raising. We’ve got a lot going on with that. We’ve got the YouthWork Project, the Magnet/bread/calendar sale, and our Yard Sale will be on June 5th.  Hopefully, with some hard work and dedication we will be able to bring the price of camp down significantly. We are currently accepting deposits for Forest Home, so in order to secure a spot for camp you must pay $40 to Wes Ellis ASAP (checks payable to FCC Youth).

We’re encouraging students to be as independent in their fun-raising efforts as possible. We’ve got some jobs for them but it’s their responsibility to go out and be creative in finding ways to make their own money for camp. If you’re a parent, it would do you well to help us in encouraging this kind of effort (it’ll end up even less money out of your pocket).

Just so you know, we don’t want lack of funds to be anyone’s excuse for having to miss out on camp this year. If you think that you may come up short… don’t worry about that for now… we’ll find a way to get you to camp! This is much to important an event, a much too life-changing experience for money to be an obstacle! Just focus on whether or not you want to go, then we’ll work out the rest of the details together.

Keep up the good work and feel free to contact us with any questions!




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