Senior High Lock-in Update

6 05 2010

On Friday Night, April 30th, 22 senior high students met at the church parking lot for our Senior High Lock-in. At about 8:15pm we set off for Parkway Bowl in El Cajon for Cosmic Bowling. Some did worse than others but nobody was on their “A” game (who would be, with all the music, lights, and laser shows?). But who cares about the score when you’re having fun?! We bowled from about 9pm-11pm and then promptly headed back up the hill to Ramona to start the real fun. As soon as we got back we turned off the lights in the Youth Building, busted out the strobe light, and “bumped some jams” (as they say). After about 20 minutes of chaotic dance music and silliness, we started a game of Sardines in a Can. You’ll have to ask one of the students who was there if you wanna know what that’s all about.

After about 3am, we watched Star Trek (the newest one) followed by Monsters Vs. Aliens, two fantastic flicks! Some fell asleep, some played cards, some just stayed awake. At about 7:50pm, we vacuumed and cleaned up our mess. It was a lot of fun, although it was exhausting, and we had a good time of fellowship and fun. The event was a success and everyone was safe.




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