Jr. High Winter Camp Packing Info

30 12 2010

For the Jr. High Winter Retreat I’ve cut and pasted some info off of the Forest Home Website:

The Essentials:

  • Luggage should be clearly labeled inside and out. It’s a good idea to place the camper’s name, address, phone number, and church attending with inside luggage as well as outside. Tip: Label everything you want back with a permanent marker
  • Sleeping bag and pillow. Tip: you can usually roll the pillow in the sleeping bag. It is a good idea to make sure the sleeping bag is in a watertight bag (even a plastic trash bag works).
  • Bible (and pens) – be sure your camper’s name is in it
  • Bath towel and wash cloth
  • Flashlight: Please be sure to label the flashlight and send extra batteries.
  • General toiletries: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, towel, washcloth, etc.
  • Chap stick or other lip protection with sunscreen (non-flavored)
  • Clothing for two/three days
  • Clean socks (bring extras) & underwear.
  • Shirts
  • A warm hat or beanie
  • Mittens, gloves or scarves
  • At least two pairs of long pants and sweatshirt; evenings can be very cold (bring layers)
  • At least two pairs of shoes (in case one pair gets wet)
  • Poncho or other light rain gear: Rain is pretty common. Having waterproof gear of some sort can be helpful if it does happen to rain on us.



Must be in their original pharmacy container along with written instructions. All in a Ziploc plastic bag with the camper’s name printed on it. (PLEASE NOTE: If meds are not in the original container we cannot and will not administer them.)

  • Camera: Disposable cameras are the best. Be sure to label it with the camper’s name.
Please DO NOT bring the following items:
  • Weapons, such as knives or any other item or weapon designed to hurt someone
  • Air Soft Guns
  • Cell phones, pagers, radios, PDA’s, computers, CD & MP3/Ipod players
  • Any electronic games including Nintendo DS and other electronic video games.
  • Sleds, tubes, snowboards or any other large snow toys
  • Please, please avoid preventable heartache; do not send anything that is irreplaceable.
General Information
Camp Security: For the safety of all campers, Forest Home DOES NOT allow visits by anyone other than church staff during camp. Early arrival or pick-up of campers by parents is permitted in certain cases – they must be arranged in advance with church and camp staff.
Emergencies: If you have a serious family emergency and need to contact your child while at camp, you may contact the Forest Home Roundhouse at 909-389-2300




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