Younglife in Ramona

19 01 2011

Younglife is coming to Ramona! Whether or not you know what Younglife is, you are invited to an informational meeting in the All Purpose room at RCS (1010 Ramona Street) on February 8th from 7-8:15pm. This will help you discover what Younglife is and how you can support its’ existence in Ramona.

Just to give you the gist… Younglife is a Youth Ministry which seeks to reach out to high school students and high school aged teenagers who, for whatever reason, would not necessarily step through the doors of a church. It offers a safe and non-threatening space for students to experience fun, fellowship, and even a short and simple devotional message to let them know about Jesus Christ. It’s fun, it’s inviting, and it’s missional.

FCC Youth Ministry is in full support of Younglife. We see it as a wonderful supplement to the ministry that we’re already doing here at our church as it is something our students can get involved in as leaders. When it comes to reaching students, the more the merrier. For how many Youth Ministries exist in Ramona, the vast majority of teenagers are still not plugged in to a church. We look forward to partnering with Younglife to help show God’s love to every teenager in our community. This ministry is worthy of your support and you can find out more on February 8th.

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