Winter Retreat Schedule and Packing List

25 01 2011

Wednesday, January 26th: Bring all luggage & A signed “GROUP TICKET & LESSON RELEASE AND WAIVER AGREEMENT” waiver for Snow Summit to the FCC Youth building at 5:00pm. That means you may have to make some time to get packed on Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon. Students will not have access to their luggage until we arrive at the condo in Big Bear, if they need anything with them before that time they will want to keep it separate.

Thursday, January 27th: This is the day we leave. Everyone will meet in

the back of the Ramona High School staff parking lot at 12:00pm, right after class is dismissed. Please do not expect to load your luggage at this time as it will be loaded after it is dropped off on Wednesday night. Students will need money for lunch on the way up. We’ll get up the mountain, get our rentals and then settle in for the night.

Friday, January 28rd: Ski day! We will hit the slopes and then meet for lunch and then hit ‘em again. In the evening we will have dinner and a devotional (bring your bibles).


Saturday, January 29th: We will ski some more, then we’ll get packed up, return all rentals and head home. We will be back to the church around 9pm at the latest.

Here is a list of things to bring that you may not have thought about:

–         Warm clothes

–          Jacket

–          Gloves

–          Sunscreen

–          T-shirts (just because it’s Big Bear doesn’t mean it’s always going to be freezing cold)

–          Bible

–          A pen or pencil

–          Money for lunch on the way up and money for dinner on the way down.

–          An extra blanket.

–          A signed “GROUP TICKET & LESSON RELEASE AND WAIVER AGREEMENT” waiver for Snow Summit (available on the “Forms” tab on

Here are some things you don’t need to bring but you might want to bring at your own risk and discretion:

–          Camera

–          Sunglasses

–          Movies (No “R” rated movies)

–          Personal snacks (if you bring them you must share them)




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