Senior High Winter Retreat Update

1 02 2011

We had a great time on the Senior High Winter Retreat/ Ski Trip!

The weather was outstanding and the mountain wasn’t too crowded. Nobody in our group got hurt and everyone had a good time. The first night, we bowled at the Bowling Barn in Big Bear where we each discovered that we’re not going to be competing in the PBA anytime soon but we had a good time. The next day was spent almost entirely on the slopes with interruptions for meals and check-ins. Many in our group tried some challenging runs and some enjoyed a more leisurely snow-play experience. That evening, we had a devotional where we talked about taking God, our neighbors, and ourselves seriously enough that we will be willing to hold each other accountable in our relationships with people and with God. We made a sort of pact, a verbal agreement, that we’ll call each other out in love and support one another with boldness in our relationship with Christ. We don’t want to be the sort of people who act one way at church and another at school. We want to be totally committed!

On Saturday we packed our things (except for our ski/board gear), checked out of the cabins, hit the slopes for another six hours or so, and headed back down the mountain, back to Ramona. Our finally was dinner at Farmer Boys in Temecula and we made it home to the church on schedule. A great time was had by all!!!




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