Ash Wednesday Prayer Labyrinth (2011)

4 03 2011

On March 9th, FCC Youth and Young Adults are doing an Ash Wednesday Prayer Labyrinth. Not to reveal too much as to spoil the surprise, but a prayer labyrinth is essentially a time of worship and introspection. This is an opportunity for us to prepare at a deeper level for the season of Lent.

The Lent season is about recognizing  our dependence upon and our need for God and God’s love for us. In Lent we allow our imperfections, our sin, our doubt, our stuggles and our pain to be caught up in the wonderful story of God’s pain–the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s about repentance which is, although it has something of a stigma in our society, simply an invitation to return and live into our true identity in Christ–namely, that we are children of God created to reflect God. The tradition in this season is to give up something. To refrain from some habit or practice that has gotten us away from the abundant life to which we’re invited through Christ. We step away from what’s in front of us, away from the status quo, away from some of the habits we’ve formed, so that we might come out the other side of our experience a little different, perhaps closer to God and closer to who God made us to be. We reprogram and reboot our system away from apathy and into freshness of faith. This is what Christ invites us to do during Lent. Ash Wednesday makes the beginning of this season and we intend to take it seriously so that when Easter comes it will be all that much more real to us!

On Wednesday March 9th, any time between 6pm and 8pm, all Youth are invited to the Youth Building with an attitude of worship to come and prepare for Lent.




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