CSM mission trip: Day 1 update

18 07 2011


Well, we have arrived safely in South Los Angeles for our week-long Center For Student Missions (www.CSM.org) mission trip. The nine of us enjoyed a quick 2 & 1/2 hour van ride in the Armbruster family’s van (thanks!). And arrived early enough to visit Jamba Juice in Hollywood before settling in to the CSM housing site in South LA. The pace of the trip was set early as we experienced a quick orientation with the CSM hosting staff, covering rules & general guidelines for the week. We then enjoyed a fantastic and authentic catered Indian meal before beginning our prayer tour of the city. Our host did an amazing job of introducing us to the city, pointing out it’s beauty and it’s pain. We saw much of South L.A., “skid row,” the fashion district, and even the glamorous L.A. Live. Perhaps the most striking thing we noticed was the stark disparity between the wealth and the poverty of the city. It’s easy, while at skid row, to forget that LA Live–with all it’s affluence–even exists. It’s even easier to visit L.A. without even realizing that 20,000 people are sleeping on the street just a few blocks away.

We stopped at a few places to pray more specifically about the situations and injustices being faced there. Touring the city, seeking to see it through God’s eyes and the eyes of those suffering poverty and oppression, was a powerful and eye opening experience for each of our students. They asked awesome questions and made incredible observations.

All of this is to say… We are here, we’re safe, and we are looking forward to a life-changing week. Please continue to keep us in prayer.          




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