Day 2 update

19 07 2011


We have just finished our second day in Los Angeles and all is well. Today, after a rocky start due to my alarm’s failure to go off, we went to the Hollywood area to serve. Usually Hollywood is associated only with fame and fortune but we got to learn about a different reality. Through an organization called Angel Food, we helped prepare meals for people suffering from HIV aids and other terminal illnesses in the Hollywood area. That project pretty much consumed our morning as we got the chance to work alongside people who donate their culinary skill for the “least of these” on a daily basis.

After working at Angel Food we traveled to Griffith Park for a time of devotion, to re-center ourselves around the real reason we serve at all–our relationship with Christ. Then we headed to Door of Hope, a transitional housing organization for families escaping from situations of domestic violence. We will be serving there every day this week, simply playing with and getting to know the children in the program. It was awesome to witness the kindness and the hope of the children there.

We ate dinner at an awesome Armenian restaurant and headed up to Griffith Observatory to spend some time debriefing the day.

That pretty much sums things up… though words can’t express the fullness of what we are learning and what God is doing in the hearts of our students. We are looking forward to the rest of the week. Keep us in prayer and look for another update tomorrow night. 




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