Day 5 update

22 07 2011


Well, we are back at the CSM housing site after our 5th day in Los Angeles. What a great day we have had! We headed out at 7:15am, picked up pan dulce (mexican pastries) and headed to McArthur Park to share our breakfast with the people who had spent the night sleeping there. We split up into groups of three with some pastries and drinks and went into the park to offer a meal and a conversation. It was really an incredible time, just listening to the stories of the people and sharing breakfast with them.

After breakfast we headed to the Midnight Mission to serve lunch to the people on skid-row. We helped sort some donations, something at which we’re becoming experts, and then got to dish out a hot lunch to a large group of people in need.

After lunch we went straight back to Door of Hope where we made “all about me” books with the kids. Each of us has been paired with a kid from the program as their “buddy” for the week. It has been a highlight of each day just seeing these kids. Tomorrow we are going to have a talent show and everyone’s enthusiastically looking foreword to it.

We had dinner near Echo Park at an amazing family owned Thai restaurant called Mae Ploy. It may have been the most amazing meal so far. We debriefed our day back at the CSM housing site and as I write this we are enjoying some precious down time before bed.




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