Day 6 Update… The Final Update

23 07 2011


We have successfully completed our final day here in Los Angeles and, lemme say, this has been an amazing trip filled with joys and challenges of its own.

Today we did a “city search.” We walked the streets with a sort of scavenger-hunt list in order to discover just how hard it is for the people there to do simple things like making a phone call or finding a restroom they can use. We also got to share lunch with someone in need of a meal.

In the afternoon we went back to door of hope where we had an amazing last day. We had a talent show with our buddies and got to say goodbye to them. It was a sad goodbye because we’ve really grown to love these kids. It was incredible to be able to spend our week with them.

In the evening we formally closed out our trip with affirmations on Santa Monica beach. It was an amazing time for our group to simply and verbally affirm the good things we see in each other and the ways we saw each other reflect Christ and grow during this trip.

Now we are relaxing, playing Sorry, and looking forward to returning home tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Continue to pray that the experience we have had and the things we have learned will return home with us and continue to shape our hearts. 




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