17 09 2011

See You At The Pole is an annual national event where students all over the country will gather around their school’s flagpole to pray for their families, their school year, their teachers, their churches, their communities, their government, and even their world. It’s an incredible symbol of unity, placing commitment to Christ as the highest priority and offering the school year to Christ in a real way. The event always has an impact on those involved (and sometimes on those who simply pass by). This year’s event will take place on September 28th.

See You At The Pole had a huge impact on my life when I was in Jr High. It was the first time I’d ever taken on any kind of responsibility to share my faith with anyone. My Youth Pastor loved me just enough to challenge me to read a passage from Scripture at the event. About a week prior to the event he told me to pick something that had meaning to me… the problem was that I’d never really read the Bible. Well, in the process of choosing a passage, I ended up reading just about every chapter in the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). As I began reading, I just wanted more! I wanted to know more about this Jesus who loves us and saves us. I eventually chose Matthew 11:28-30 (pull out your Bible and read it, underline it, memorize it). If it weren’t for See You At The Pole, I may not have received that challenge and thus I may not have fallen so in love with Scripture and with Christ as I did that day. God used See You At The Pole to change my life.

We’re encouraging and challenging students to step up and to get involved–to be a part of this symbolic event and to have the courage to gather with other Christians from all different churches. On September 21st, we’re hosting a See You At The Pole Pre-rally at the FCC Youth Building at 6:00pm. This is a chance for students to gather before the actual event in order to pray and plan. We’ll take some time to worship together and then we’ll plan out what will actually happen on September 28th for See You At The Pole. This is an awesome opportunity for students to step out as leaders on their campus. Don’t miss it!




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