Some Important Dates

7 12 2011

The Jr. High is going to Winter Camp at Forest Home, the High School is going to Snow Summit for their Ski Trip,we’ve got an incredible January approaching. It’s just around the corner so there’s a few dates you’ll need to know. Here they are:

December 15th: The last day to RSVP for Jr.High Winter Camp. it’s pretty much the best weekend of your life, so you don’t want to miss out! Let us know if you’re going. At Jr. High Youth Group on the 15th, we’ll pass out the appropriate forms and bills.

December 22nd: All forms and payments are due for Jr. High Winter Camp.

December 18th: The last day to RSVP for High School Ski Trip. Don’t miss out on this incredible weekend of fun and building relationships! Let us know you’re going RSVP here. For those who did not participate in the Car Wash, an extra $60 charge will be added.

January 1st: All forms and payments will be due for the High School Ski Trip.

January 25th: High Schoolers who are going to the Ski Trip can drop by the church between 6-7pm to drop off their luggage for the Ski Trip… everything except for what they’ll need on the trip up to Big Bear.

Mark your calendars appropriately and be sure not to miss any deadlines.




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